Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Re-Purchased Product: Body Shop Cleansing Butter

I'm not really one for re-purchasing the same product, and tend to try different products all the time. I'm not sure if that's because I don't absolutely love the products that I try, or if it's just the fact I get bored of products very quickly. Either way, it's very unlikely of me to ever buy the same product again.

After hearing so many beauty vloggers on YouTube rave about this cleansing butter, I decided to pop to my local Body Shop and give it a try. When I first used it, I thought it was a really nice product, but wasn't anything special or life changing, and so put it to the back of my bathroom cabinet. It wasn't until about 2 weeks ago, I re-discovered it and I don't know what is different now but I absolutely love it.

I use to be a cleansing water kind of gal and just stuck to my £3 Garnier Cleansing Water but now I firmly believe in spending a bit more money on skincare products as it's very important. It feels like I'm applying a nice massage oil to my skin when using this, and doesn't feel greasy or sticky at all. It's so moisturising that I don't feel the need to moisturise after (but I do anyway lol). You do look like a panda but it's okay, as with a wet muslin cloth or flannel, you just wipe it away and it's all gone! 

The only down side I suppose is how quickly I got through this! I'm not sure if that's just me over-cleansing and going a bit overboard, but I've already re-purchased it as I have the tiniest bit left. When I use different cleansers other than this one, I wake up the next morning with two new additions to my face, spots. So that's why I panicked when realising that I didn't have a lot left!

The scent is camomile, so a really fresh and floral scent, which I didn't actually love too much at all when I first smelt it but I'm use to it now! It's £12 from The Body Shop, which may sound quite pricey, especially me as I don't have a job, but it is so worth it! Definitely now that my skin is so use to it!

You can find it HERE.


Sunday, 10 May 2015

My Blogging Equipment

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I've been feeling un-inspired and haven't really known what to post on this blog. But I have reached 100 BlogLovin' followers which I'm so happy about! It doesn't sound like a crazy amount of people but it still baffles me that 100 people want to read what I write on this blog. So thank you! 

I often get the odd question saying "How do you take your pictures?" or "What camera do you use?". So I thought it might come in handy to some of you, maybe who are just starting out blogging and want to know what equipment to use.

 When I first started blogging, I use to get really down about how my blog pictures looked (sad I know) and always wanted an expensive DSLR camera, like the Cannon 600D camera. But I soon realised that you don't need the biggest and most expensive camera to take good quality blog pictures.

I use to take my blog pictures on my iPhone 4S for about 4 months, until I got the Nikon Coolpix L830 for Christmas last year. My friend had this camera and I knew it was a goof quality camera that wasn't too expensive. It's currently £123.19 on Amazon which I think is such a good price for the quality of the pictures it takes. It lets you take pictures in Macro/Close Up mode, so you can get that really clear and bright picture, which is great for taking pictures of makeup. 

I like that the screen can tilt, so you can take a picture from up high and still be able to see what your doing, although it doesn't flip to the front so probably not the best camera for filming videos. You can find it HERE.

Technically, I can't count this as equipment as I don't use any studio lighting, I use natural lighting. Natural lighting is my equipment? Is that a thing? 

I don't feel the need to use studio lighting for my pictures, as I'm quite happy with how they look with natural lighting, and like the effect of taking my blog pictures by my window. The trick is to take a picture away from the light, so the light is shining onto the product instead of behind it. I think this makes the product look my clearer and you're able to see it better.

I think a tripod makes such a difference to blog pictures, especially certain ones like outfit pictures of pictures from above. Most of my pictures are taken from above as you get to see the full product, and you don't get any shadows or unnecessary mess in the background of pictures. The tripod I have is one only suitable for my camera. It collapses completely so doesn't mean you have to leave it out all the time, and you can adjust the height so over the top pictures are easy! You can find it HERE.

I've actually done a blog post on my blog photography backgrounds which you can check out by clicking HERE, but there are a part of my blog equipment and I love how it's so easy to change up the background of your blog pictures without having to re-decorate your room. Magazine pages also look great used as backgrounds, especially when the colour on the page match the product or the theme of the picture!

What do you use to take your blog pictures?

Hope you're well! 


Sunday, 3 May 2015

5 Great Products Under £10

It's not very often that I find some really good quality products for very cheap. But I've actually found some products that I swear by, which are all £10 or below

I never use to use body butters or moisturisers before, as I never had dry skin and didn't feel the need to (I'm also incredibly lazy with things like that). I got this for my birthday last year and didn't think much about it, until I was rummaging through my draws and found it again. The weather has been really nice recently in the UK (although it's not pouring down with rain) and I wanted to moisturise my skin more as I caught the sun. I used this and was so shocked that I hadn't used this product before because it's amazing. Really moisturising and doesn't leave you feeling sticky or greasy afterwards. It also drys super quick so you don't have to wait like a lemon waiting for it to dry. Boots currently have a 3 for 2 on selected indulging bathing products, and this body butter is in the deal! You can have a look HERE.

I'm pretty sure I've raved about this enough on my blog but it's my holy grail eyeliner. I absolutely love my Soap & Glory SuperCat eyeliner, but as the nib on the pen is quite big, my eyeliner doesn't look natural and can look really thick. So I bought this one as it claimed to have a 'Ultra-thin 0.4mm brush' which is exactly what I needed. It applies so nicely and has just the right amount of support. The colour is really pigmented and allows me to create a nice, natural looking winged eyeliner. Boots also have a 3 for 2 offer on selected Maybeline cosmetics, and this is included! You can have a look HERE.

I've actually done a whole blog post where I talk about these nail varnishes, so if you want to check that out click HERE. But you'll never guess what, Boots have a 3 for 2 on selected Rimmel cosmetics and these are included! You can have a look HERE.

I've had this for quite a long time, when I wanted to experiment with my makeup a bit more and I'm so happy it's in my life! You don't get the 'orange' look or anything like this when you apply it, and it looks so natural used to contour or even to bronze the skin. The highlighter is an added bonus and I absolutely love it. There's no need to carry around a separate bronzer and highlighter, so extra handbag space! I actually think the bronzer is a great dupe for Benefit Hoola Bronzer, as it doesn't have any shimmer in and isn't too orange! This isn't on offer in Boots (sorry to disappoint) but is only £6.49 which is a great price for a good quality bronzer and highlighter! You can have a look HERE.

I'm sure everyone has raved about this product enough, so I'll spare you the ramble, but a great foundation if you're looking for a light/medium coverage and a light consistency so not heavy at all! I don't feel like I'm wearing anything when I have this on! The shade range in my opinion is amazing as they have really light pale colours, I actually have to buy the lightest shade in this range haha! Great for only £6.99! This is included in the 3 for 2 offer on selected Rimmel cosmetics, and you can have a look HERE.

What is you're favourite product that is under £10?

Hope you're having a great day!