Wednesday, 8 April 2015

My Money Saving Tips

(Not even joking, that is literally how much money I have ^ ). It's quite hard to run a beauty blog when there's tons of new product launches and you don't have the money to get them, but there are a few things I've been doing recently to try and save my money. They may be small things but they really work!

Save any lose change floating about
This one takes some time before you have enough to buy something else, but it's definitely worth it. Whenever I get any lose change, I always throw it at the bottom of my bag or even throw it away, but once I started saving them, I managed to collect £8 worth, which I was able to buy mascara with! It took me about 2 months to collect £8, which does seem like a long time but it's definitely worth it.

Sign up for point/advantage cards
You know them ones where you can collect points, which turn into money off to spend in store? Them. I sign up to them all the time! Especially shops that I go in quite often. It does take some time to collect enough points to buy something reasonable but it's all worth it in the end when you're able to buy a lipstick for free! You can also save your points to get money off your order, once you've earned 100 points, that's £1 to spend in store or to take off your order!

Look for alternatives
Everyone may be raving about a new product launch, but think to yourself, do you really need it? There are so many drugstore dupes and cheaper alternatives to some expensive, high end makeup products. You might even find that you prefer the cheaper option!

What are your money saving tips?

Hope you're well!


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