Monday, 9 March 2015

How To Run A Beauty Blog On A Budget

I'm a jobless teenager with about 80p to my name. It can be quite hard to blog when you have little money, so I thought as I am definitely on a budget that I would do some little tips that might help a few of you that don't have a lot of money.

Nothing to post about?

You might feel like you need to buy new make up to write a blog post, but that isn't always the case. I often rumage through my make up bag and try to find some inspiration. Here's a few blog post ideas without having to buy new make up:

Seasonal Make Up Look (Autumn, Spring etc.)
What Make Up I'd Pair With A Red Lipstick (or any lipstick of your choice)
(A certain product, like bronzer etc.) That I've Been Loving This Month
Every Day Make Up 
Make Up Look I've Been Loving Recently
Current Eye Make Up
What Is My Face Worth? (Add the price of the make up you use everyday)
Product Empties
Products I Will/Will Not Buy Again
(A celebrity of your choice) Inspired Make Up Look
Make Up I'd Wear To (party, day with friends, school etc.)

Free Samples?

There's a website that I found quite recently called Latest Free Stuff that allows you to get free samples and also enter giveaways where you get the chance to win some beauty products. I've managed to get some free beauty products sent to me as a free sample, such as hair oils etc. It's great because if you enjoy the products that you are sent, you can blog about them and write about what you thought of the product.


Enter a few giveaways that some other bloggers are hosting. You have a chance to win some amazing prizes, which you could potentially blog about if you love the products! I'm actually hosting a giveaway at the moment as I hit 50 followers on BlogLovin'. The link to that is here.

I hope these tips helped some of you! Let me know if they did and if you have any other tips!

Hope you're having a nice week!



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