Sunday, 22 March 2015

How I Edit My Blog Photos

I really enjoy taking pictures for my blog, and since getting a new camera, I enjoy 10x more. Sometimes though, I don't like the quality of the pictures I take, and feel like the could do with a bit of something extra. 

I think the key to a good blog picture is it being big and bright, and if my camera can't do that for me then I like to enhance my pictures a bit more on editing websites. A website myself and a lot of other people swear by is PicMonkey. It's allows you to add filters, frames, text and effects at no cost. So if my photo isn't looking its best, this is the website I love to use.

Upping the brightness and adding highlights to a picture can make such a difference to a picture, and really improves the quality of it. I only up the brightness a tiny bit, and add a bit of shadow to the picture and I really like how it looks.

After I'm happy with the way my picture looks, I then re-size it. People really enjoy large pictures on blogs so that they can see things better. I like to re-size my pictures to 750 x 563 as it doesn't overlap anything else on my blog, but it all depends on the width of your blog. 

There may not be a massive difference in the pictures but I think it looks better once it's been brightened! 

There are so many things you can do to your pictures on PicMonkey, definitely worth a try!

What editing software do you use? Have you use PicMonkey before?

Hope you're well! 



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