Sunday, 22 February 2015

Blog Tips: Free Blog Photography Backgrounds

I was getting a bit bored of using a plain white background in every one of my blog pictures, so decided to change it up a bit. Although I do still use a white background on occasions, I like to use different ones as well, as I feel like they add something more to the picture. With all of these backgrounds I'm about to mention, I simply put them onto a word document and stretched them to fit the whole page, then printed them off.

I really like the whole 1940's vintage photos as I like quite old fashioned things. I simply googled '1940s movie stars' and stumbled across a few pictures that I really liked. Here is the link to the background.  I also found the inside of an old newspaper, which I thought tied in nicely with the other picture. I did have to put a black and white effect on the picture as it was a sepia colour. I like to use this background when I'm taking pictures of makeup that has nice quite nice packaging.  Here is the link to the background. It really makes the product stand out and really goes well with the picture. 

Another background I really like to use is a shabby chic rustic wood texture. I like to use this background for anything, as it doesn't take the focus off the product, but adds something extra to a plain white background. I like the effect this background gives, as it does actually look like it's real. Here is the link to the background.

The other background I love to use is a marble effect background. This gives a really clean and polished look to a picture, and doesn't take the attention away from it either. Again like the other backgrounds, it looks realistic and it;s why I love using them so much. Here is the link to this background.

I would definitely recommend trying these backgrounds out if you're like me and get a bit bored of using a plain one all the time. I do still like to use plain white, but I like to switch it up a bit from time-to-time. 

If you plan on using these backgrounds, or have then put a link to your blog and I will check them out! Also, what's your favourite background to use?

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